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- I know many of you don't know me, and probably even more won't care. For what matters, that is not s ...2010.02.11 21:18:00
- Classic. An attempt to justify the existence of evil is to say that God is testing us in some way. ...2009.12.18 02:18:00
- The difference between you and I, Sepherim is that you need a God to justify your actions. I don't. ...2009.12.17 12:50:00
- You cannot affirm what you speak with any degree of certainty.I would point out the obvious first: y ...2009.12.17 04:05:00
- Mr. Mokk has been quite clear, and has covered many of the issues that are key in my own interpretat ...2009.12.17 03:49:00
- Edited by: Sepherim on 16/12/2009 13:58:27 If The Scriptures is the Word of your God they are uncha ...2009.12.16 13:58:00
- Congratulations, Ishukone-Raata corporation. You have achieved a honorable place after a long time o ...2009.12.16 02:38:00
- To be honest, you all have been speaking in the void, not listening to what the others say, and repe ...2009.12.16 02:30:00
- I would like to attend, a debate on history is a good place to find some good questions. Of course, ...2009.12.14 12:42:00
- It is indeed, Miss Konstanus. What should have been the protector of peace has failed to do so. And ...2009.12.14 01:48:00
- CONCORD itself is a flawed body and does little but maintain the status quo, whatever the status quo ...2009.12.14 00:14:00
- Edited by: Sepherim on 14/12/2009 00:01:12 Lost InCogneto, you have my most sincere and deepest con ...2009.12.13 23:59:00
- Too true. A sad, dark truth. ...2009.12.12 16:58:00
- I am with Brother Hiede in this. You have all been strong defenders of the Republic, reasonable pilo ...2009.12.12 13:44:00
- As on all occasions before this, I am deeply grateful for such an acknowledgement. Still, I'm not ex ...2009.12.11 23:58:00

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