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- Edited by: William DeMeo on 10/06/2010 17:32:46 Garmon doesn't want to release it cuz he sounds "to ...2010.06.10 17:30:00
- I think you pretty much got them all wrong, well done.Try not to self destruct about ...2010.06.10 17:02:00
- Saturday 12th JuneSnatch Victory v OWN Alliance Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate v Soldiers o ...2010.06.10 16:48:00
- Edited by: Bulgroz D''atar on 09/06/2010 20:25:18 You will not win with this set-up.Just out of cur ...2010.06.09 22:06:00
- How could you defeat the renowned and highly skilled mercenaries of Noir. Mercenary group with badge ...2010.06.06 10:24:00
- Thats pretty awesome. Like textbook example of how to fight blobs. ...2010.06.06 00:16:00
- Hydra were my top team for today. They should have been pummelled by Agony, but they're pretty skill ...2010.06.05 21:54:00
- GJ ganking noobs in ratting ships with machariels. And yes I see the irony. ...2010.06.05 20:56:00
- we fkin pownd ...2010.06.05 16:32:00
- Hi,My name is William Demeo (ingame). I would like to make proposal for game of EvE Online. I will m ...2010.04.30 16:24:00
- Edited by: William DeMeo on 27/04/2010 13:02:33 On the 24th of April the player behind Kimura Masah ...2010.04.27 12:57:00
- The SC doesn't exist in the manner the NC does - it's not a homogenous standings enclave. SC is a mu ...2010.04.24 10:13:00
- Absolutely not.If you want to bid on a slot, then you pay. You dont get to hope you get a draw and i ...2010.04.23 18:35:00
- I cried. ...2010.04.21 15:37:00
- I've been begging professionally in EVE for almost 3 years and its working pretty well. Personally I ...2010.04.13 11:07:00

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