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- I miss the stories that Herko Kergan would post about Caldari history etc..Istvaan Shogaatsu as well ...2011.06.17 05:36:00
- And the russians will continue to dominate all of it lol. ...2011.06.07 06:22:00
- You can setup a free blog at and post it there in German.Then just provide a link to it ...2011.05.11 07:08:00
- I pvp on a regular basis and this simply plagues myself and many of my corpm8s as well.If you don't ...2011.03.16 07:19:00
- Yay! ...2011.01.21 12:55:00
- I made a pretty damned good Tommy Lee Jones. Will have the screenshot it again and post. ...2011.01.16 14:45:00
- Added details for part3 since it was just made. Sorry for not giving any first X_X ...2011.01.14 15:17:00
- Edited by: Korthan on 14/01/2011 15:17:56 A few pvp videos I've slowly been doing mostly for my cor ...2011.01.14 06:34:00
- was a good time. thanks to garheade and jayne for setting this up!any idea when the group picture(s) ...2010.12.11 20:32:00
- Werd. xD ...2010.12.01 15:44:00
- Holy crap a Colorado meet?! I'm just an hour or so away so this should be easy to make! <3 ...2010.11.24 02:17:00
- Confirmed! So gonna be there! ...2010.11.18 04:17:00
- Not really recent, but my best ransom ever included a drunk guy flying a ferox and handing over 1.83 ...2010.09.25 11:48:00
- Do you guys have USTZ presence?We do, however we're working on expanding it which is part of why the ...2010.09.11 11:06:00
- Poking for our facist, iron fisted, dictator Verone! ...2010.09.10 15:52:00

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