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- Actually, these colons in prices, agent rewards and volumes makes things harder to read. And right o ...2009.04.09 14:10:00
- It's better if you just say "I want 500" so I can bring you 500 and be done with it.It won't be ob ...2009.04.03 12:28:00
- Edited by: Shen Ir on 01/04/2009 06:42:47 I think, would be good idea to make buy/sell orders with ...2009.04.01 06:42:00
- From the eveolopedia:Bombs may not be deployed in empire (0.0 only). Once a bomb has been deployed a ...2009.03.20 13:41:00
- Macro miners defenders shouldn't forget that the macro mining shrinks possibilities for real miners ...2009.03.16 12:09:00
- 2. To the guy who called me an idiot: I know how high sec pvp works. The only person I shot was th ...2009.03.04 08:33:00

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