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- Pre-Alpha ...2011.06.23 15:01:00
- This is really good idea, I am doing this. ...2011.06.23 06:46:00
- Now with what you done with the monocle, PLEX for remap don't sound that bad anymore. You might as w ...2011.06.23 00:39:00
- CCP if this is real, then throw in the PLEX fore remap, you really have nothing to loose at this poi ...2011.06.22 22:03:00
- Very good points, the new features are mostly can be ignored. And the positive changes are very good ...2011.06.22 20:59:00
- Good trend ...2011.06.22 16:49:00
- Come on people, is it not obvious already why does the Incarna uses so much system resources. CCP si ...2011.06.22 05:19:00
- While I realize these threads are currently overwhelming the forums, I half wonder if there's someth ...2011.06.22 05:09:00
- Edited by: Dr Djago on 22/06/2011 03:13:28 I 100% Agree with the OP, all your cry baby should stfu, ...2011.06.22 03:08:00
- Base on this report, 1st thing I will be doing when the server is up is buying up all the Vindicator ...2011.06.21 21:12:00
- I 100% Agree with the OP, all your cry baby should stfu, I personally hope this is whats going to ha ...2011.06.21 21:04:00
- So if the majority of people disproves of the match, and are no long give a crap about this old news ...2011.06.21 02:30:00
- When is this one coming? ...2011.06.20 22:00:00
- Edited by: Dr Djago on 20/06/2011 22:02:04 The 1st few post helps me proves my case. ...2011.06.20 21:24:00
- I feel bad for the eve community, any disagreement on the forum no matter what, one side will eventu ...2011.06.20 20:17:00

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