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- you should give the top 4 or 8 tourney teams snowball bpo's. make them use ice from the belts to bui ...2008.12.19 23:43:00
- TY for the snowballs For halloween can we get corpse launchers??? ^^^^^^ this, how awesome would t ...2008.12.19 23:39:00
- i have found him and killed him. i actually have his dna in my hanger right now in imk. evemail me w ...2008.12.08 02:40:00
- You say:"Allowing wardecs against individuals even when in NPC corps is something I think needs cons ...2008.10.29 02:32:00
- all i want is the game to work as it is, its not anyone whining its the fact for say the dictor bubb ...2006.12.07 19:28:00
- The way I thought it was meant to be was that Salvaging was a mini-profession which was simple to ge ...2006.12.07 19:12:00
- Devs, please give us a definitive statement about whether rigs are meant to be rare or commonplace. ...2006.12.07 19:09:00
- What I'd like to see changed :Increase drone bay size on all carriers by 40,000m3If fighters don't g ...2006.12.05 17:36:00
- I donít care how the plan isÖ all I want is that capital ships not be handicapped by 1 single ship, ...2006.12.05 17:31:00
- all i want is for dictor bubbles to work as they should... the logoff in dictor bubbles is what kill ...2006.12.05 17:03:00
- Salvaging is not a mini-profession.Rigging is a mini-profession. Rigging requires the skills.In orde ...2006.12.04 16:03:00
- why is everyone crying over this... i think salvaging atm is a joke and doesnít even work as a mini ...2006.12.04 03:17:00
- its not about rating the point is a carrier couldnt kill cans or wrecks o_o regardless of the reason ...2006.12.02 08:38:00
- If you compare EVE ships to modern day navy ships, you'll realise that Carriers are NOT meant to be ...2006.12.02 08:22:00
- they could have also made different grades of them, like implants... that way everyone could fit the ...2006.12.01 04:52:00

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