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- Screw frigates, I want an elite Ibis. ...2003.09.05 17:02:00
- I had the same thing happen, Josh. Only I was warping nowhere at 1km/s, and my ship was almost perp ...2003.07.29 20:24:00
- Please do not insult my beloved country or I will ask our President to invade your country and he'll ...2003.07.23 19:39:00
- Calm down, women and men. There's enough of Mr Bubbles for everyone. ...2003.07.18 17:40:00
- Sexified! ...2003.07.18 13:03:00
- Prepare to be sexified. ...2003.07.18 12:56:00
- Who is paying for all the security in space?I'm not, you're not. But we should be - that is, if we ...2003.07.16 18:56:00
- I agree! Where can I send all my hard-earned tritanium monies! ...2003.07.16 17:29:00
- I know if *I* was a pirate in a big bad pirate ship, right before *I* got blown up, I'd make sure to ...2003.07.15 17:23:00
- d"o"n'"t" u"s"e "q"u"o"t"e"s ...2003.07.15 14:08:00
- I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my homosexuals flaming! ...2003.07.14 18:18:00
- Actually, I found that if you switch from window->full screen or full screen->window mode, that'll c ...2003.07.10 12:04:00
- I can get alt-tab to work sometimes. I think if something interrupts EVE, like an IM or pop-up, it ...2003.07.10 11:59:00
- ThErE 1$ |\|0t|-|i|\|g wRo|\|9 w1+|-| BeI|\|9 k3\/\/l 4|\||) 3><PR3551|\|G y0uRS3lf I|\| H4><0r $Pe4 ...2003.07.09 17:46:00
- ... and you can't even imagine what happens to whingers. ...2003.07.09 15:18:00

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