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- one here pls ...2011.08.11 17:25:00
- Edited by: DeepfriedTator on 11/08/2011 17:24:51 withdrawn offer.. sorry no responce ...2011.08.11 17:21:00
- Go get urself a basi and fly that for caldari or a tenth if u want to wait. Finding some of these r ...2011.08.08 20:30:00
- Your setup is fine. Aamrr is mistaken on his corrections. The only difference is maybe drop one we ...2011.08.08 20:13:00
- as it says ...2011.08.03 11:59:00
- as it says online nowsecure only ...2011.07.31 19:00:00
- As far as your ? goes. I would go Vindi. That is what I prefer. I have both the Vindi and a Prot ...2011.06.29 18:34:00
- thx for advice.. will do. been trying to get in fleets as dps with navy megas but no luck but seein ...2011.06.27 05:23:00
- Im new to the incursion bit as I started playing about 2 months ago and finally back up to speed som ...2011.06.27 04:37:00
- Edited by: DeepfriedTator on 25/06/2011 17:53:23 like the post said.. 720milThanks ...2011.06.25 16:56:00
- forget apologizing.. yall did great to get to the end and if everyone is buthurt about it they shoul ...2011.06.20 00:38:00
- Thx. I will look up fittings for proteus wh. Sorry about the mismatched words.. on phone and autoc ...2011.06.08 20:39:00
- Like the post said. I am looking for what ship I could run a c3 wh in. I can fly it all minus a kr ...2011.06.08 20:30:00
- Sorry to see my friend sell his alt. good luck on the bids ...2011.06.01 00:45:00
- Bump for a friend ...2011.05.22 03:59:00

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