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- Another vote here for Babylon 5 - it is the sine qua non of Television SF.This tbh ...2011.05.08 19:14:00
- See you in a year or two, when you realize that EvE already has it's hooks in your mind and there's ...2011.05.05 06:39:00
- Yeah I usually go for some inertial stabs in the lows for quick warp time, a MWD to hit just as you ...2011.05.03 19:35:00
- Oh. My. God. We wants it ...2011.04.25 17:22:00
- The iphone is...Pretty much all of these. I went Android (HTC Desire) last refresh and will not be ...2011.04.24 11:06:00
- Do you never get tired of trollingThe irony ...2011.04.21 18:33:00
- Check out the Razer Naga.Got a naga here and love it - as well as the extra buttons its also a reall ...2011.04.21 18:02:00
- Edited by: Whitehound on 19/04/2011 06:53:17 ...I can take each of these infinite, never-returning ...2011.04.19 10:48:00
- Akita - I'm developing a theory here that Whitehound is CCP's revenge for the 'discussions' on the n ...2011.04.18 15:23:00
- A very well laid out statement of the 'un-intuitiveness'I'm conceptualising it in terms of 'degrees ...2011.04.18 15:04:00
- randomness.... includes the freedom to be deterministic.You've said all kinds of totally meaningless ...2011.04.18 13:13:00
- Since no infinity is bigger than infinityActually incorrect. You do get 'orders of infinity' (think ...2011.04.18 13:01:00
- you'll disregard reality as it's not entertaining enough.Been there for ages already so where's the ...2011.04.17 22:22:00
- I think the main point is that if you specify the behaviour of a walk into infinity its clearly not ...2011.04.17 22:00:00
- No, wrong. A walk in 1 dimension that alternates only between left and right will not pass through a ...2011.04.17 13:09:00

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