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- wowzzorrzz!! dat iz cool n stuffz like innit cuz i like wut u iz sayin bruv me wantz sum custom pain ...2011.07.13 23:04:00
- Edited by: wayz on 09/03/2011 00:38:54 apoligies, had to withdraw sale no starting bids and offer r ...2011.03.08 20:28:00
- I still remember the good old days when there was a patch that brought npc battleships into 0.0 and ...2011.01.16 07:46:00
- Edited by: wayz on 14/01/2011 17:14:13 Edited by: Mas Cream on 14/01/2011 17:09:30 I should have p ...2011.01.14 17:14:00
- Right now all I do is mine in nullsec and I've accumulated a large amount of spare isk, roughly 2bil ...2011.01.14 17:09:00
- Ever wondered why some people are incredibly wealthy and some people just arent?Most people work but ...2011.01.14 17:06:00
- I dont think theres anything fundamentaly wrong with the corp system.... if corps want to pay player ...2011.01.14 13:15:00
- I'm training for HAC atm but tbh the magic of wanting a HAC is just gone and my love for the noble h ...2011.01.14 13:09:00
- Oh lord wont you buy me a faction hurricane my freinds all have Sleipnirs, it makes me complain ...2011.01.14 10:23:00
- If you cannot spend a lot of time babysitting your orders, do not sit in Jita. Jita is great for peo ...2011.01.12 11:57:00
- 2003 toon but new back to eve, I've found this post pretty interesting buut have no actual idea of ' ...2011.01.12 11:33:00
- Edited by: Marshal Kozhedub on 01/01/2011 18:33:06 caracal is a pretty good sniper and cheap Carac ...2011.01.03 07:22:00
- I welcome my snowmen overlords. hahaha I love people who play eve ...2011.01.03 06:54:00
- Edited by: wayz on 03/01/2011 06:50:29 I'm a Brit and always wanted to visit America but from what ...2011.01.03 06:50:00
- I spent most of teh night showing my housemates old footage of ultimate warrior in WWE then found ou ...2010.10.05 23:18:00

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