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- Wow. I come back to this thread a day later and it's filled up nicely.I think Master Invictus and Sh ...2009.03.31 01:56:00
- ...and now that I'm re-reading your post, I think you're asking a slightly different question. My ap ...2009.03.30 01:26:00
- From what I've read, it's my understanding that a player (a manufacturer for instance) with Rigging ...2009.03.30 01:25:00
- I have experienced the same issue but I remember it happening before last patch, even before Apocryp ...2009.03.30 01:21:00
- Solid advice. I think I'll take some time to find a good agent away from the transitional systems, ...2009.03.29 23:49:00
- A few posts snuck up on me while I was writing my last reply.I see how shield tanking would work, bu ...2009.03.29 22:34:00
- I'll take another look at the fittings and I'll try the duals to see what I come up with. Right now ...2009.03.29 22:28:00
- Any publicity is good publicity. ...2009.03.29 22:21:00
- My bad.Thanks for clearing that up. ...2009.03.29 22:07:00
- Soo... I've been in battleships for 2-3 weeks now, I've only flown the Domi and I do okay in the L4' ...2009.03.29 21:50:00
- going to be in every IPO, share thread...Hey! Speaking of, it's Armoured C!To Compound Intere ...2009.03.29 21:25:00
- First of all, thank you for your reply, Myyona.I see that you mentioned SoE as a "side faction", doe ...2009.03.29 20:54:00
- I've always been a fan of Ferret's sig. ...2009.03.29 20:21:00
- Hey folks,I've been working on boosting my bank roll by running L4 missions out of Aunia, lately, an ...2009.03.29 20:17:00
- It's really an issue of mistaken identity.I'm a sworn enemy of Caldari and Amarr and we look too sim ...2009.03.29 18:24:00

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