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- I watched the video after the emergancy summit with the CSM and I'm not to sure I liked what I saw.I ...2011.07.06 08:45:00
- RAGE QUIT!If a silly door and the inability to spin your spaceships for hours on end is the reason f ...2011.06.29 09:12:00
- Edited by: Kalpel on 29/06/2011 07:46:07 It burned my eyebrow off!!! and a hole in your pocket to m ...2011.06.29 07:46:00
- no plans for the old hangar to return at present & the option to disable CQ temporary.So, I don't li ...2011.06.29 07:38:00
- Ok I just want a simple answer from someone at CCP or anyone that knows wtf is up? Question: Is CCP ...2011.06.29 07:27:00
- Inmates running the asylum?Gotta clue for you; PAYING CUSTOMERS run this business, and if CCP wants ...2011.06.27 06:16:00
- Yes please. An option is all I want. I dont care about the arunum or what ever it isThis ^^^ ...2011.06.22 22:02:00
- Edited by: Akita T on 22/06/2011 16:02:55Confirming that even a crappy console port like Crysis 2 ge ...2011.06.22 16:10:00
- Incarna=FailHonestly CCP u'r destroying the game!!! Agreed, Failcarna is fail! ...2011.06.22 09:51:00
- Gurista belt rats still perma jam and it shows that I'm being jammed long after I've warpped away ou ...2011.06.22 06:57:00
- I can't spin my ships you fuggin a$$hats!This ^^^ and you guys can fix rail guns on the harpy , one ...2011.06.22 01:44:00
- AND banned for life from any tournaments for setting up the final!Makes EVE look bad!Fixed ^^^ It's ...2011.06.20 04:01:00
- Can I haz ur stuffz? ...2011.06.19 02:09:00
- The countdown clock is here Features here This should help somewhat Did you even bother to read th ...2011.06.18 05:17:00
- The countdown clock is here Features here This should help somewhat ...2011.06.18 04:50:00

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