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- When fantasy went mainstream it also went in the toilet. It's law, or as Stallone would say when but ...2011.08.31 14:00:00
- This little thing called Resorb. ...2011.08.26 22:47:00
- Maybe it's SkyNet's kinder, gentler brother.I just refer to it as Skynet. ...2011.08.21 21:11:00
- Edited by: Danton Marcellus on 21/08/2011 00:24:40 Only r-tards spoil a good oppertunity for some s ...2011.08.21 00:24:00
- Aliases, people come into EVE thinking they'll do the trial or just stay for a few hours then they'r ...2011.08.12 20:58:00
- Sounds interesting. ...2011.08.12 20:55:00
- If this is Brave New World, WHERE ARE THE MANDATORY ORGIES!!!! Telling the world you've once again m ...2011.08.12 16:34:00
- Damn! Loco beat me to it, a brave new world it is. ...2011.08.12 00:16:00
- I blame religion myself. ...2011.07.27 11:08:00
- Just listened to Back To Black, a good tune that will age well, reminded me of Nancy Sinatras Bang B ...2011.07.26 18:00:00
- Hmm, they slapped some Tool on the trailer, that has to be an automatic seal of approval. ...2011.07.26 17:55:00
- still missing Not good Really don't like how the police has handled this, claiming last night that 9 ...2011.07.23 16:35:00
- Oh yeah! ...2011.07.07 16:03:00
- I liked the show. The only thing that annoyed me is how the show starts in the MIDDLE of the invasio ...2011.07.07 15:54:00
- Not if you're hammered off your ass to and you think he's good to drive... Guy could have been passe ...2011.06.23 18:01:00

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