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- So there's no way this API can fetch this history... again i can't see any point on the "fromID" if ...2011.09.07 08:23:00
- You want the medium rigs for a Tengu.Before you go out and buy the fittings, post the fitting here s ...2011.08.29 13:19:00
- Noticed that you say your Exhumer skill is 3 pushing that to 5 will give you an extra 6% per strip m ...2011.08.25 12:39:00
- Edited by: Miss Invincibility on 01/08/2011 06:50:06pls tell me if im doing anything wrong... havin ...2011.08.01 08:43:00
- 3rd party database conversions3rd party documentation of the data dump'Official' API documentationOr ...2011.07.30 09:24:00
- There is only one real way to increase the range/tracking of drones, and that is through the Omnidir ...2011.07.19 11:35:00
- Also before I found out I could right click and go to 'Leave Ship'.I recall this wasn't an option or ...2011.07.12 12:48:00
- Personally, I prefer jeveassets, but then I'm biased. ...2011.06.23 11:06:00
- The perceived problem here is not that margin trading exists, it is that someone can setup a buy ord ...2011.06.11 08:39:00
- Debian 5.04. akanashin@akanashin1-spb:~/WORK/src/jEveAssets$ java -jar jeveassets.jar Exception dur ...2011.06.02 11:44:00
- I've read that it's every hour on the hour, for a large. Don't remember where I read that though. ...2011.04.22 11:34:00
- Those of you who attended CCP Orion's lecture might have noticed the URL of his example already, but ...2011.03.28 11:18:00
- You can remove the tracking and orbit velocity, orbit distance and optimal as they all cancel out - ...2011.02.10 13:13:00
- In relation to the devblog The api is going HTTPS; until we manage to release a version of jeveasset ...2011.01.28 11:32:00
- As much as everyone would love that to be a genuine set of stats you've calculated, no bonus in EvE ...2010.12.20 13:49:00

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