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- Hi all,Iím CCP Thrustmaster. I am a member of the team that has so far brought you Primae, Noctis, P ...2011.06.27 20:23:00
- Ok now some interesting questions, What about the CSMs that were perma banned for pointing this o ...2011.06.27 19:37:00
- Zulu, It is your call but I think I might have gone with something other then an "Eat my shorts" spe ...2011.06.25 16:20:00
- Still one of the best corps in the game. What ever you do is done almost every day. Getting to th ...2010.08.15 13:27:00
- What else is there to say... Active corp that has mature, fun people with more ISK making opportun ...2010.06.19 14:34:00
- Never regretted joining the corp. Fun people online in every timezone. Usually 15 to 20+ in chat. ...2010.05.22 13:30:00
- Bumping thread for a great corp. Lots of fun and good people. ...2010.05.10 13:44:00
- New mining concern currently based in high sec looking for new membership. We have explorers that c ...2010.03.02 23:18:00

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