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- hey Torco long time no see! hope you're doing well in and outside of eve you can do fine with 1 acco ...2011.02.19 00:35:00
- Agreed and signed! ...2009.08.30 21:17:00
- Another issue: LAG. Just to be clear: not talking jita here but unpopulated lowsec. And everyone i k ...2009.03.10 22:37:00
- Assets windows seems to have issues. It will tell me that i do not have any assets in the solarsyste ...2009.03.10 21:46:00
- My absolution has these strange gheyish japanese-schoolgirl like colours if i don't set shader/textu ...2009.03.10 21:16:00
- Don't keep your eggs in a single basket and adapting will be easier. Nerfs come and go. Well, perso ...2008.08.11 14:07:00
- People whining isnt feedback thoughMany (including me) have given valid test feedback. Anyhow 2 week ...2008.08.11 11:42:00
- More impressions after further testing:- An af can pretty much dodge medium turret damage if it has ...2008.07.30 01:39:00
- After playing on Sisi for a few hours some observations i'd like to note. Some are just small points ...2008.07.29 00:54:00
- Edited by: erimon on 23/07/2008 03:19:13 Awesome stuff! the fight where you just manage to keep ama ...2008.07.23 03:17:00
- I somewhat agree with Calais here. In my opinion it is not about CSM members being unbiased. If they ...2008.03.23 02:28:00
- Awesome watch! Some really exciting engagements and lots of pew pew. Also excellent choice on the mu ...2008.01.02 17:03:00
- Edited by: erimon on 23/07/2007 04:24:33 ...2007.07.23 04:05:00
- Edited by: erimon on 23/07/2007 04:18:19 ...2007.07.22 18:32:00
- You should show your corp tag in your forum options or your post will get deleted.Thx for info. I do ...2007.05.25 17:16:00

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