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- LoL OP is all worked up about changes as if it's something to get ****ed about. Then replies it's j ...2010.05.30 16:41:00
- WooHooo I'm posting the the bi-annual pre expansion whine thread! \o/ ...2010.05.17 23:33:00
- Good old fashioned vaporware that's been an expansion away since 2006! ...2010.05.07 13:39:00
- You Mr. OP are pure win! ...2010.04.04 02:07:00
- I don't know what I'm doing different than every one else, but I've ran Eve for four year with 8x AA ...2010.04.04 01:48:00
- Dude. seriously it sounds like you just came here to whine and flame bait. No one cares about your ...2008.11.03 16:57:00
- LOL osu, once again the SEC proves who is the dominant conference! Go Tigers! ...2008.01.08 05:02:00
- wow, that gave me a boner. ...2007.11.27 16:48:00
- 8800gt is dope as hell. better than the gts and slightly slower than a gtx for $100.00's less. ...2007.11.10 08:08:00
- I like to get drunk and **** myself, then go to waffle house and eat hashbrowns and ask the waitress ...2007.11.10 08:06:00
- ...2007.10.27 18:29:00
- Great story! I really liked how you showed in two ways how elevated us pod pilots are in New Eden s ...2007.08.17 16:50:00
- I love how on the first page of this topic the OP was actively responding untill someone mentioned h ...2007.08.14 13:45:00
- Edited by: Shinji Seto on 11/08/2007 23:15:03 Sho’Nuff: Am I the meanest? Gang: Sho’Nuff! Sho’Nuf ...2007.08.11 23:13:00
- 1. I would like a waste removal tube for my pod. Nothing worse then sharing a POD with a fresh choco ...2007.08.11 00:41:00

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