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- Edited by: Solomon XI on 22/06/2011 02:25:20CCP your game is broken. There are reports of burned gra ...2011.06.23 16:27:00
- Sounds like a good idea. Basically,1. Get a buddy to join the game 2. Get a PLEX 3. Give the PLEX ...2011.05.11 14:23:00
- As someone that has donated PLEXes in the past for at least 2 of these drives, I have a question.Is ...2011.05.04 00:27:00
- You obviously have no idea what you are talkign about. The Pandemic Legion Hel that was reimbursed w ...2010.12.27 07:20:00
- sleeprs are cool don't get me worng. What I mean buy this is pruley to bring in T3 facaton ships an ...2010.10.18 18:20:00
- Resume: University of Kentucky: masters of political science and minor in economicsNew Eden, what ...2010.10.11 00:15:00
- Edited by: Objectless Hatred on 30/09/2010 19:27:02 Edited by: Objectless Hatred on 30/09/2010 19:2 ...2010.09.30 20:02:00
- Hello everyone,Have you ever been in a medium sized corp with no alliance and tried to claim a null ...2010.09.26 23:52:00
- interesting side note: we had a scimmie warp to the JB that we were incapping with SCs, I targeted ...2010.08.26 17:49:00
- Then make a suggestion as to how ccp can get more players into jita to test the new hardware.UPDATE ...2010.08.26 05:15:00
- From RA killboard,"According to recent figures Nyx was killed after 5 hours logged off, the petition ...2010.08.13 20:09:00
- Issues so far, 1. BPO icons are messed up 2. cannot right-click on BPO/BPCs from either Corp Asset ...2010.06.30 00:26:00
- The easy way to think about it, is when you log out you warp off and cloak. When logged out, you are ...2010.06.27 17:28:00
- Petition it. Maybe you'll get your ISK back. ...2010.02.05 00:43:00
- lol?How about 500m for the lot. Final offer. Your firesale is not firesale considering, 1. it's in a ...2010.01.22 02:20:00

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