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- Because we Android users are trying to explain to you iOS users that iOS is years behind in developm ...2011.04.07 09:07:00
- Why do these threads always seem to be posted by android users?If you use android then that's fine b ...2011.04.06 08:35:00
- what is it with people whining about not testing all the time? Do you honestly think ccp applies pat ...2011.02.24 11:54:00
- It would be easier to allow the ui to be customised so we can fix the menu's once and for all.Half t ...2011.02.15 12:36:00
- where to even start firstly, stop messing with right click menu's... every time someone 'improves' t ...2011.02.11 16:13:00
- the raw ammount of pure-fail is astonishing.Thats the reason I've decided to forget about them... tr ...2011.02.01 11:24:00
- i think thats one of the worst implants in eve... over-priced and well, useless! lolIf it increased ...2011.01.27 12:31:00
- I just love how they are putting so much effort into things which makes you wonder what is yet to co ...2010.12.07 13:27:00
- people start posting crap threads about it. ...2010.09.16 12:00:00
- put me in as another g15 user interested ...2010.05.28 11:42:00
- RIP folders... labels would be help i guess, just so long as there's an 'uncategorised' or 'un-label ...2010.05.26 16:56:00
- British first again ;) ...2010.05.02 21:13:00
- sounds fun ...2010.04.27 13:23:00
- keyloggers rejoice!Indeed, your more likely to have your account keylogged if your having to type it ...2010.03.20 16:55:00
- I'll get hold of this ombudsman guy, I assume it's the same in England as Wales? Frankly I don't se ...2010.03.16 17:56:00

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