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- You have my sympathy Eris. I know what you are trying to accomplish and I wish you the best. It's g ...2007.06.22 17:19:00
- To add to the sexism ( a bit admit it) IŽd pod that guy. Throw him an apple and see what happens. ...2007.06.21 20:17:00
- PRIMUS SUCKS!!Hey, if I'm not allowed to troll you aren't either.That wasn't intended as a troll G ...2007.06.21 18:46:00
- Edited by: Red Six on 21/06/2007 04:37:07 Newbs comentating on EVE play.Each bio goes in depth to t ...2007.06.21 04:37:00
- I would pay triple what they're asking for 45 minutes of low quality streaming if Gary Busey was doi ...2007.06.21 03:38:00
- Edited by: Red Six on 21/06/2007 02:46:29 Or better yet who are those silly nubbins? Outside of Sp ...2007.06.21 02:47:00
- Even with the "improper" nature of Minmatar hulls, they can still shred a "proper" Caldari hull fast ...2007.06.16 17:26:00
- I am not one to marginalise my thoughts. I was very impressed by the effort these boys (and girls - ...2007.06.16 02:37:00
- Fifth item down on the scan, Capital Ship Assembly Array. ...2007.06.10 23:56:00
- Anyone find the name of the Badger Mk II in that picture funny? ...2007.06.10 23:43:00
- After a bit you'll become desensitized to it and be like..Oh it's another naked Amarr chick. Meh, se ...2007.06.06 05:00:00
- I've got two characters with way to many RP and didn't get a single offer either. Guess I should ha ...2007.06.01 23:18:00
- 1st round: BoB beats RA/GS 2nd round: RA/GS beats BoB No idea on the exact figures but that's ...2007.05.28 04:56:00
- Edited by: Red Six on 28/05/2007 00:15:54 We started out as mostly support with 3 BS, that changed ...2007.05.28 00:16:00
- Words fail man. Excellent job. ...2007.04.26 04:02:00

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