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- Bye bye old forums. Was fun while you were here, but I'm glad to see you go. ...2011.09.06 18:42:00
- If you PvP, you should hunt the guy down and blow him up. Simple as that.If you can't handle the ha ...2011.09.05 03:53:00
- This is a known issue and is being investigated. There isn't a work around at the moment just be sur ...2011.09.01 19:41:00
- Edited by: Mystic5hadow on 01/09/2011 19:35:07 I have a core i7 2600K at 5GHz and a GeForce GTX 470 ...2011.09.01 19:30:00
- Oh hell yes, I didn't know Tom Gerard is a Blue. Wonderful! I look forward to blowing your ships up ...2011.08.24 11:12:00
- If DUST is anything like Incarna, all the stuff CCP is showing now is fluff. They won't actually sta ...2011.08.24 10:59:00
- Edited by: Mystic5hadow on 19/08/2011 19:07:47 It appears disabling "Camera Smoothing" has fixed my ...2011.08.19 19:04:00
- Same problem here. I used to get a steady 60FPS no matter what or 200FPS+ with VSync off.It's been d ...2011.08.19 18:41:00
- You know, just goes to show that there were (And still are) so many people who talk trash about the ...2011.07.02 21:14:00
- Do we I need to spell it out: We I don't want IncarnaFixed.QFT. ...2011.07.02 19:54:00
- Edited by: Urah Dedman on 01/07/2011 13:56:22 1036406382_256_normal Trebor_CSM: We just got a firs ...2011.07.01 14:28:00
- Edited by: Mystic5hadow on 01/07/2011 09:35:35 CQ runs around 80FPS without VSync and 60FPS with. ...2011.07.01 09:35:00
- Shogun 2 is amazing. I spent way more time paying it than I'd care to admit. Starting as a tiny cla ...2011.06.29 23:12:00
- As I understand it, the new models were only introduced. The effects are not new (tho they may look ...2011.06.28 03:28:00
- Edited by: Yvan Ratamnim on 28/06/2011 03:06:18 LOL they werent coming with incarna there coming af ...2011.06.28 03:17:00

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