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- With an A.K.A., OK. It would complement well with Incarna. ...2011.06.02 17:08:00
- Edited by: Deperem Mac on 02/06/2011 11:14:42 I run the lvl 4 recon mission and the last part with ...2011.06.02 11:11:00
- Had an odd bug happen a couple times today. When right-clicking to initiate warp to various planets ...2011.06.01 10:46:00
- Wow. I never thought I'd see C&P unite to say a Mach ganking is fail. But then again, I've never bef ...2011.05.31 07:34:00
- I for one, welcome anything which brings new features/options to EVE Online. I even support Planetar ...2011.05.25 23:19:00
- Supported. A reasonable feature that has been missing for too long. And since drones can be shot, it ...2011.03.08 17:09:00
- Heck, no to the OP. If anything must be done, I would like the cost lowered significantly for increa ...2011.01.06 00:32:00
- I 100% agree with the OP. Forcing us to use facebook was a bad, and actually rather insulting, move, ...2011.01.06 00:12:00
- 1. Some truly amazing ships entered into the contest. And others, beyond amazing. I drool at the tho ...2010.12.30 02:30:00
- Edited by: Deperem Mac on 23/12/2010 23:05:52 I like the ideas being thrown out in this thread. I t ...2010.12.23 23:05:00
- I see I'm not the only one with remap issues. Not only did I not get a free remap, but I had two ava ...2010.12.15 16:50:00
- Edited by: Deperem Mac on 15/12/2010 16:11:15 Had two neural remaps shown as available before the p ...2010.12.15 16:09:00
- Things I've personally experienced since 1.1: 1: New probe sphere textures are hard to work with, e ...2009.04.22 02:10:00
- They haven't fixed it, just happened to me and a couple others in my corp. Try to target in wormhol ...2009.03.13 18:37:00
- I had the exact same thing happen to me. I tried different graphics settings, but I and several ot ...2009.03.13 18:18:00

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