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- Absolutely awesome.I'd love to be able to pipe in my own, arbitrary video... Maybe pull something f ...2011.07.12 17:39:00
- So vanity items will not be destructible because someone paid real money for them? WTF have I been ...2011.07.12 15:13:00
- Tried to be reasonable, asked for help everywhere, finally genuinely frustrated enough to ask where ...2011.07.12 15:09:00
- Aaarrrgggh. It was there until a few days ago?!?! Can't find it in account management anymore . . .I ...2011.07.11 19:06:00
- Yeah it will soon turn into second life eve with player designed **** skins and outfits. Why not?We' ...2011.07.08 19:20:00
- Just because you are in a pod inside your battleship, doesn't mean anyone else is. You're plugged i ...2011.07.08 19:17:00
- I recommend EVE all the time. Just dragged some new players into it from one of the other forums I ...2011.07.08 19:14:00
- Am I the only one who's noticed all the repeated statements from CCP over the years stating that the ...2011.07.08 19:09:00
- Well, I did say it was a potentially stupid question...Yeah, I was leaning in that direction anyway. ...2011.07.08 13:41:00
- Alright, potentially stupid question here.I'm currently flying a Raven and running L4 missions just ...2011.07.08 12:46:00
- Most companies work on more than one project at a time. And most of those projects overlap in some ...2011.07.06 14:26:00
- Incarna adds nothing the core player really wants. Incarna doesn't add much, that's for sure. I ca ...2011.07.06 14:22:00
- Here's my problem. I have only 1 hour to play everyday due to various RL reasons and I am having a t ...2011.07.06 14:17:00
- To a very large degree, race doesn't matter.You only get a few very minor differences to your starti ...2011.07.06 14:04:00
- Could you give me a rough example of how that discussion might have gone? Because if somebody with ...2011.07.06 02:03:00

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