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- I am in no way related to the OP. :) ...2010.06.24 15:15:00
- stuff'z can i ha'z please Jeez, you must be on one hell of a begging spree. ...2010.06.20 00:57:00
- Apart from being a dirty traitor to your people by flying fish smelling ships. ...2010.06.15 17:03:00
- I smell something FISHY.That'll be the Drake ...2010.06.12 16:10:00
- I've sai before, all caldari smell of fish, so why should their ships not resemble fish?Yah Brianna. ...2010.06.12 16:03:00
- I'd just like to point out that I feel baiting Newbs in starter systems, and Career agent systems is ...2010.06.11 23:49:00
- The missions I was running were all serpentis / Angel based. Any others such as drones/eom/mercs wer ...2010.06.10 10:40:00
- train the skill fast talk to 4Train forum reading to at least L1 ...2010.06.10 10:34:00
- Bumping as not much interest ...2010.06.09 18:00:00
- check your standings logs. At a certain point your increases get a diminishing return. At around 4 ...2010.06.07 10:50:00
- I have ran 5 missions today. And my security status has not improved at all. It has previously, but ...2010.06.06 23:46:00
- no the only way is to blow it up unless you want to message me in game and as long as its not too fa ...2010.06.05 17:01:00
- I am a old player looking for a home. My requirements are:Must not be afraid of PvP Single and Group ...2010.05.30 17:29:00
- Nothing can compare to the guy who last night told us in corp channel he lost a CNR in a Level 3.He ...2010.05.28 11:04:00
- I just lost faith in humanity reading some of these posts. Don't download any patches that have not ...2010.05.26 13:50:00

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