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- I think this might be a case of tribal paranoia. Also, why are ammatar described as 'insidious' ? ...2011.05.10 13:19:00
- Hi Dawn,Please join us in Channel Santir-Bar and one of our friendly recruiters will buy you a drink ...2011.03.14 20:42:00
- as the amarr push it is time for us to push back!join MURIE today! ...2010.12.10 20:07:00
- some of the best ding dang dilly small gang warfare you will have! join the tribe today! ...2010.12.09 22:00:00
- want to get into the fight?no time like the pressent! ...2010.12.08 21:43:00
- give yourself the gift of a great corp and exploding amarr this year! ...2010.12.05 22:30:00
- Things continue to heat up and good fights abound. Join MURIE today and get in on the ground floor ...2010.11.18 16:14:00
- we continue to look for good pilots to join our fight! ...2010.11.12 20:42:00
- I applaud CCP for taking the time to get things right before pushing out this expansion. I will wai ...2010.11.11 16:35:00
- you're seriously going to be hard pressed to find a better corp than MURIE so why all the hesitation ...2010.11.09 19:25:00
- if you are looking for a great corp then look no further than MURIE!4 out of 5 dentists agree MURIE ...2010.11.08 22:09:00
- exciting times lie ahead. join up with the tribe today! ...2010.11.05 21:51:00
- recruitment remains open! ...2010.11.04 18:51:00
- Wex is correct. this is more fun than your one man highsec mission running corp... just saying is a ...2010.11.03 21:02:00
- Recruitment remains in full swing! ...2010.10.31 19:00:00

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