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- Supported, but if this is a POS module you'll have a great advantage when defending a POS against ag ...2010.09.07 17:07:00
- There is Orca and Rorqual for long range mining in 0.0. Yes, you need some organisation, but beeing ...2010.09.07 16:24:00
- For the moment, manage all Buy/Sell order for a trader need a drastic organisation. The ability to ...2010.09.07 16:19:00
- Yes, bounty on Pod is a non-sense. If you really want to make a sense to bounty hunting, it should r ...2010.09.07 16:16:00
- if you spend the time to track someone down, running locators, and coordinating a trap with others, ...2010.09.05 00:21:00
- I dont see the problem of learning skills...I have all learning at 5, my best friend didnt train mor ...2010.09.03 12:00:00
- The actual bounty system can be improved in a very simple way, and it will make it very effective : ...2010.09.03 11:50:00
- Not Supported.By the way the only way to really improve bounty system is very simple :Instead of tak ...2010.09.03 11:44:00
- Not Supported.A game mechanics should be the same for all players both null/low/high sec.And by the ...2010.09.03 11:34:00
- If he's missionning, there should be another way to find his location no? Ho, and just wait for hi ...2010.09.03 11:24:00
- No!!! i miss this vote...And by the way : Number 41 !!! Why so less people voting for contracts cour ...2010.09.03 11:14:00
- Any news about the proposal made from CSM to CCP teams ? ...2010.08.30 18:49:00
- So, any new by CCP or the CSM ? ...2010.08.27 07:13:00
- All traders must support this proposal ! ...2010.08.23 15:42:00
- Longer and better proposal than my post.I support entirely this proposal. ...2010.08.23 15:38:00

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