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- I am very interested in the empires people have created Personally, I have 30 planets on 6 characte ...2011.07.20 19:47:00
- 24 hours to 27 hours. Any less than that you have no buffer any more than that and you start to lose ...2011.06.27 16:28:00
- P4 i can see, especially in 0.0 where it is directly useful, but P3 is still cheap to replace. I mea ...2011.06.24 14:35:00
- I've got 27 planets, soon to be 30, all pumping out PI for my imaginary galactic empire. I would lov ...2011.06.24 13:35:00
- After walking in my room at 0.0001 mph for about 5 minutes, the stuff got old. I then realized THAT ...2011.06.24 13:17:00
- So, I currently have an extensive PI operation I have my boot on, at this moment, 27 planets between ...2011.06.24 13:03:00
- The having to load the station environment every time I dock has made me switch to using my POS as a ...2011.06.22 16:01:00
- I would really like to just visit their church on Sunday the 22nd. Being a fly on the wall then woul ...2011.05.20 03:24:00
- This thread has brought up decent discussion, but I'm thinking it has been at the top of this forum ...2011.05.19 22:22:00
- Young Turks FTW!FTW! ...2011.05.19 22:20:00
- Having lived in the states my entire life - Illinois in fact I can tell anyone with great confidence ...2011.05.13 01:34:00
- Please guys stick to perceptions or experiences, please no socio-political debating, health care deb ...2011.05.12 21:44:00
- just be a lil good boy and your sec stat will go up. No throwing rocks at the others kids now ok. ...2011.05.12 03:53:00
- ^ I feel very much the same way. In fact I think you took it further lol cause you were so channelin ...2011.05.12 00:00:00

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