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- Once you hit the billion mark, blow it on a freighter and your profits shall increase exponentially ...2010.03.09 14:00:00
- 2 - 3 times a day? You can find better off the beaten path mission hubs than that. I update my ord ...2010.03.05 16:20:00
- Only people buying plexes at the inflated (yes, inflated) prices were the macros. Real players st ...2010.02.21 23:25:00
- Its probably a valid tactic. Most traders are like you out there looking for the sweet deal. If yo ...2010.02.14 22:33:00
- Maybe drop a CCC for a sentry damage rig? T2 sentries without a rig makes me sad. ...2010.02.09 00:37:00
- ...should be ebough a Badger Mark II for a start or is better to train for something to move more ca ...2010.02.04 20:59:00
- The internet attacks sarcasm. It's super effective!I was kidding by the way. Jita seems like it ca ...2010.02.03 21:16:00
- Everything outside of Jita is just a wasteland of withered ambitions and dwindling profit margins. ...2010.02.03 18:50:00
- Hmmm just did yet another clean install of EMMA from the google code page. This is getting to be a ...2010.01.30 17:20:00
- There shouldn't be one ship capable of running its own mining operation. The fact that a well put t ...2010.01.22 22:43:00
- Navy Mega X2 (One was to be resold but I guessed wrong on the prices rebounding. It's in a long te ...2010.01.19 14:12:00
- There is your mistake. Eve is about doing what you want to do, not what you are supposed to do. Yo ...2010.01.19 01:20:00
- I guess I don't understand what's broken. I tried to explain that I didn't see anything wrong about ...2010.01.19 00:31:00
- When I lost a hulk, prior to hulkageddon, they bumped me with a cov ops just before the two thoraxes ...2010.01.18 00:55:00
- Edited by: Capitalist Swineherder on 17/01/2010 23:22:47 I did reboot. Let me check out that secon ...2010.01.17 23:09:00

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