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- quick question... does it jump the ship generating the portal as well, or is it left behind? how doe ...2008.02.14 11:46:00
- Hi,I setup at around 65KM from the rats. I deployed the sentries and then poked a rat with my singl ...2008.02.14 02:29:00
- Arazu/Lachesis and a battleship.or the same with 3 vexors w/ 3 sentry drones each insted of the BS. ...2008.02.13 22:41:00
- The kitsune is an amazing jamming platform when you need it done on the cheap. Also, it can keep up ...2008.02.13 22:38:00
- Edited by: Mordus Operandi on 13/02/2008 22:27:36 Yep, I made sure to use EM damage missiles and am ...2008.02.13 22:25:00
- Edited by: Solid Res on 01/02/2008 19:41:00Yay! We're so powerful! Come play caldari and kill NPCs a ...2008.02.13 21:13:00
- well to be fair, any dps boost you can get out of a caldari ship is worth it. i mean, are you snipin ...2008.02.13 20:51:00
- -The Crusader exists.that basicly sums up why not to fly the raptor right there. (but the comparis ...2008.02.13 05:37:00
- Sac all the way. it can tackle, tank, and possibly even do damage. cerb cant tackle properly. if you ...2008.02.13 05:33:00
- Edited by: Mordus Operandi on 13/02/2008 05:29:24 comming from a kestrel, ya, t1 fights get evil (m ...2008.02.13 05:24:00
- wow.. your tweeked beatstick gets changed, far from broken (damn no more suicide setup - i feel for ...2008.02.13 04:44:00
- CCP will probably fit concord with jumpdrive jammers in a patch, or something.that WOULD be the sens ...2008.02.11 12:21:00
- Black Ops battleships can jumpdrive from high sec to low sec. There was a CCP bulletin about people ...2008.02.11 11:31:00
- what do these currently do?originally they were to open a jump portal (that didnt show up on every i ...2008.02.10 10:07:00
- Edited by: Mordus Operandi on 17/01/2008 10:28:42 Edited by: Mordus Operandi on 17/01/2008 10:27:37 ...2008.01.17 10:24:00

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