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- Edited by: Procion on 02/10/2004 16:25:31 yeah i agree with muggle on this.. the sentrys are grand ...2004.10.02 16:05:00
- ccp should just create a small shard for the carebears to join see how bored they get. they would a ...2004.09.19 17:24:00
- the jove want that to start a clone war! just like in star wars ...2004.09.19 08:13:00
- Edited by: Procion on 08/09/2004 03:04:05 It was only a front to hide there illegal activities Ser ...2004.09.08 03:00:00
- i used to use shrink wrap at work when i had a job before eve ruined my life ...2004.09.07 22:04:00
- i am really disapointed in m0o for taking the **** out of people in a personal way. I bet some of t ...2004.09.07 16:33:00
- only 1 person operates it aswell if i remember correctly. Wonder if he has a neural link aswell o_O ...2004.09.06 00:52:00
- the bigest coal ecavator in the world (germany?) dig's enough coal each day to power the whole count ...2004.09.05 13:43:00
- guess thats a no then ...2004.09.04 20:57:00
- Do CCP ever intend to sort these forum's out? I bet quite a few people come to these boards to find ...2004.09.04 12:08:00
- As for being able to train two characters on the same account as an account upgrade, that's been dis ...2004.09.04 11:57:00
- which ever one you want to be with :P open the map set the settings to "my agents" have fun ...2004.09.02 12:32:00
- secure cans last for a very long time maybe forever? not really a miner and havent used them in donk ...2004.09.02 12:25:00
- 100% stacking penalty k thanx problem solved all go home now ...2004.09.02 06:59:00
- have you ever though that you aren't suposed to be able to complete all level 3 mission'?no offence ...2004.09.02 05:40:00

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