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- Wow, thanks everyone for the responses, it's a bit overwhelming. I have already talked with some of ...2009.11.25 16:56:00
- u can scam peeps 4 there pasword u can play free 4a while u must change accout often thoThat is hard ...2009.11.25 06:12:00
- That's pretty wild corduroy, I might have to try that one out. ...2009.11.25 06:06:00
- Yes, the market will be fine. I would think that after Dominion comes out, renewed hostilities woul ...2009.11.25 05:56:00
- Myself and all my alts are putting everything we have into pancakes......I just bought up all the sy ...2009.11.25 05:51:00
- I have decided to make the move to 0.0 and learn to PvP. What I have to offer:- mature (30 years ol ...2009.11.25 05:46:00
- 80mil sp in PvP skills in a single race is tough...I'm not even sure it is possible. If so, it woul ...2009.11.17 21:38:00
- Anything I've ever read about wormholes says to bring a prober with you. So.....yeah. ...2009.11.17 21:16:00
- Amarr guns should be better than other races' guns just as Caldari EWAR, Gallente Drone boats and Mi ...2009.11.17 21:07:00
- I agree. Fair price is the value, and the value is whatever someone pays for it. Of course, there ...2009.11.17 20:44:00
- Haiku ridicule OP is inept tosser Can't math the profitLovely. ...2009.11.17 20:23:00
- character sale complete...quick and courteous. Thanks! ...2009.06.30 14:51:00
- Edited by: Nahjar Qu''in on 29/06/2009 16:34:09 8.5 bil buyout. Good luck! ...2009.06.29 16:33:00
- 7.5 bil buyout. ...2009.06.26 20:31:00
- Actually, I consider EVE to be quite realistic. More realistic than Star Trek.This. And yes, it see ...2009.06.02 18:17:00

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