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- I also do *not* believe that the new games are going to siphon off any appreciable % of the player b ...2010.01.08 12:19:00
- I think EVE don't need a PvE server but a clear frontier between PvP and PvE what's not the case atm ...2010.01.08 04:43:00
- All they have to do is allow the UI to be modded by the playerbase.That's the point. But I guess CCP ...2010.01.08 04:27:00
- So! what's left to do?You could play in Providence. They have NRDS. ...2010.01.06 19:40:00
- If you got a problem with PVP or getting ganked there is more then one way to get out of it, 1 being ...2010.01.06 12:34:00
- All other MMOGs have large modding communities and they can mod like they want without any control o ...2010.01.05 16:49:00
- Why not combine the bounty system with a skill loss?E.g. have to pay 10.000.000 --> Pirate loose a ...2010.01.05 15:44:00
- ... if you want WASD, maybe you just want a common 08/15 spaceshooter game.WASD does not mean space ...2010.01.05 14:33:00
- @Artemis Rose (from the original thread)Was not my intention to discuss about STO but want give nerv ...2010.01.05 12:03:00
- (manual moved from me from the gameplay forum because stevie wanted it)It was said often enough: The ...2010.01.05 11:56:00
- Hi,I read everywhere that I just have to define a custom resolution in the NVidia setting and EVE wi ...2010.01.04 03:36:00
- If you really need to run eve in that res, there are some tools that can help you (google it)OK, I m ...2010.01.03 17:19:00
- Edited by: Agnatar on 03/01/2010 13:32:11 The font problem... well, I'd rather have the option to i ...2010.01.03 13:17:00
- I really would like it to play Eve with a 800x600 Resolution. Why? Because of 2 reasons:1. Better Pe ...2010.01.03 12:09:00
- Edited by: Agnatar on 03/01/2010 04:35:50 In low-sec travel is almost completely safe, it is the ot ...2010.01.03 04:34:00

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