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- Still think there needs to be a travel component on the 10AU+ idea. The point about the supercaps is ...2011.08.21 08:45:00
- Actually, this is more of a question, what do people think of a delayed/no local... i.e the further ...2011.08.16 01:11:00
- Firstly +1. Outstanding.For me the issue is not just content, but that warp to zero has removed any ...2011.08.15 19:04:00
- Hi Mike,Where do you stand on the big stuff: sov, POS mechanics, force projection (supercaps + jump ...2011.03.09 03:39:00
- I can vouch for these guys. Good solid bunch not scared of a fight (smart with it too). Well worth t ...2010.08.11 11:38:00
- Wrote this back in mid June:My only regret with Eve is that there is no truly unexplored space. Wher ...2010.08.11 11:29:00

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