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- Edited by: Beseiged on 24/10/2008 04:30:18 Anyone interested in development or working together to ...2008.10.24 04:30:00
- Anyone here who plays EVE in the pittsburgh area? ...2008.10.24 04:13:00
- Cypher is a well trusted guy. Wish you the best of luck. Try you luck at the New Eden Lottery as wel ...2008.10.24 03:58:00
- I am for sure looking for help on my project, but like it was said, I have no intentions of abandoni ...2008.10.23 22:44:00
- I think it works out better this way anyways, because premium graphics would simply be (as far as i ...2008.10.23 17:18:00
- I'm working on something currently which involves a bunch of those items in the plan. ...2008.10.21 15:30:00
- Edited by: Beseiged on 10/10/2008 13:43:18 IGB is realllly bad at rendering tables so use them as m ...2008.10.10 13:41:00
- Correction... i was just stupid or something... I must have type characterid or something wrong. Bec ...2008.10.09 00:24:00
- Well... i would have done the cacheuntil, but i can't seem to get this api page to work. I'm using t ...2008.10.08 23:37:00
- Must be... I'm rather confused. ...2008.10.08 20:47:00
- Just as an update. I have a very basic release coming out soon for download. Don't expect it to come ...2008.10.08 16:18:00
- When looking at Eve-Dev Wiki the wallet API is classified as Long Cache, which is 1-23 hours. Does a ...2008.10.08 16:14:00
- Awesome! works great! ...2008.10.06 17:25:00
- Same problem here. This patch officially sucks. ...2008.10.01 00:47:00
- :( I would be super sad if CCP closed the board. I would however be willing to host an forum for dev ...2008.09.23 19:11:00

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