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- If you are running a COSMOS mission, and another team warps in and snags the mission objective item, ...2011.08.15 00:41:00
- How safe from scramblers are you likely to be if you use three warp core stabilizers? What about fou ...2011.08.11 01:40:00
- Edited by: Hank Shank on 08/08/2011 22:41:36 I've run through this mission a couple of times, and I ...2011.08.08 22:40:00
- I guess that means that Director 1 can vote for himself. ...2011.07.28 00:36:00
- This is yet another "How do we replace our dormant CEO" threads.We have a corp with three members:CE ...2011.07.27 20:23:00
- Edited by: Hank Shank on 16/07/2011 17:33:31 ...2011.07.16 17:30:00
- CSM comment was extremely juvenile and deserves to be slammed. But I'll assume he is 16 years old an ...2011.06.30 19:59:00
- The first paragraph of the original post was good, but then it went rapidly downhill. Perhaps it's n ...2011.06.27 17:37:00
- The above is entirely correct.Also, some of the things that were proposed for Aurum, are NOT purchas ...2011.06.27 01:40:00
- Rightly or wrongly, it is quite clear that the community is completely against micro-transactions fo ...2011.06.24 14:01:00
- Great job, CCP! I can't wait for common areas in the stations.Don't listen to all the whiners runnin ...2011.06.23 13:07:00
- I think it's fixed for me now, too... but a lot of people are still reporting issues. ...2011.06.12 19:04:00
- Looks like they fixed this issue. ...2011.06.11 20:14:00
- EVE as it isnt malware maybe caught at a crossfire by this measure only because it is not developed ...2011.06.08 16:26:00
- This is still an issue after the 1.6.1 patch. Same problem, crashing on autopilot while alt-tabbed o ...2011.06.08 05:02:00

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