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- No the solution is to look for a different game. Some people don't have the option to pay without ...2008.06.22 06:56:00
- All the Love in this forum brings a tear to my eyes. But really there is no reason to feel guilty, ...2007.02.12 19:06:00
- Subscription details page is blank and there are no options for renewing etc. I use GTCs to renew, c ...2007.02.07 15:12:00
- Same here, same problems, I hope a fix is coming. You guys aren't P.T.Barnum, this isn't Barnum's A ...2006.12.20 17:44:00
- Ya great here we go again, well lets hope that tomorrows extended downtime fixes this, all of these ...2006.12.18 19:23:00
- There were only 4 people in Vay at the time you were trying to log in, one of our other Corp members ...2006.12.07 21:47:00
- I really wish they would stop fixing it. New patch and the server crashes, what a surprise. There' ...2006.11.14 16:03:00
- And what if you didn't buy Isk online but get punished for it falsely. I had this happen to a frien ...2006.10.17 15:57:00

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