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- In thousands of years, archaeologists will consider this thread irrefutable evidence that people of ...2011.03.07 11:22:00
- What's more amazing than this glitch is somebody flying a bellicose without the slightest blush of i ...2011.03.01 04:54:00
- It's incarna 1.0.Walking in Hangar, Waiting room and ToiletsDon't forget the highly anticipated Wait ...2011.02.13 04:30:00
- So much mad in this thread.I actually want to participate now. ...2011.02.13 01:38:00
- Actually, even though you like bashing other people for honour etc, you guys still have your own g ...2011.02.12 11:22:00
- Kick B0RT. ...2011.02.10 00:59:00
- "AND I SAY OK...THEIR CANS DON'T MAKE LAG OUR MAKE" is the rallying cry for a generation. ...2011.02.06 20:13:00
- No time for WOT the last few weeks, way too busy killing hostiles in fountain. It must be incredibl ...2011.02.05 04:02:00
- Poitot, let me tell you something about poitot, folks...What's there to know about Poitot? It is mer ...2011.02.03 09:32:00
- I've never seen this many IT people post in the same thread.Hell. I've never seen this many IT peopl ...2011.01.24 20:23:00
- Edited by: Beachura on 17/01/2011 20:46:12 Hey failure, I'm a main, hurr durr pr0 sniper Critica ...2011.01.18 04:13:00
- DaiTango: The Cropsgrinder. ...2011.01.16 23:46:00
- You've got it backwards, sport. Our guy, Xystance, is the one who played Kim Jong Il while making sh ...2011.01.13 05:28:00
- Wow, that was...A brummy git lolI'm from the UK and that was really Kelmad right there.Is this at al ...2010.12.29 15:46:00
- so who gets delve feburary 2011Battlestars.Is this part of the plan to crush the spirits of everyone ...2010.12.29 15:43:00

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