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- I'm curious how the roles of these ships were envisioned, given that the caldari one gets a fantasti ...2007.11.28 16:07:00
- Edited by: Scrappinak on 13/11/2007 00:51:36 I get the same thing on gentoo with this error.I haven ...2007.11.13 00:41:00
- Don't solo. ...2006.08.11 04:35:00
- Laz0rs sound way cooler when they fire. Rails just kinda go plink plink -- pretty terrible. Yeah, I ...2006.07.18 16:41:00
- Hurray to the death of the enigmatic pizza slice! ...2006.06.27 19:34:00
- The ship scanner (and I can only subsequently guess probe scanning), was supposed to have been compl ...2006.06.19 14:55:00

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