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- use Red Frog Freight or similar service.. Make contract with ships.. from point a to b. next day or ...2011.08.24 01:21:00
- Edited by: Slidepot on 24/08/2011 01:16:38 Please tell me you have Autopilot turned off...Low sec. ...2011.08.24 01:15:00
- My one and only questions is... Was there any and I mean any interest show by the Ginger at the top. ...2011.07.03 04:59:00
- -2 paying accounts from meI was looking forward to my 480 day skill plan and 100M skill points. I d ...2011.06.25 02:28:00
- I posted this in what turns out to the the wrong thread copied it here.Posted - 2011.06.22 23:20:00 ...2011.06.22 23:30:00
- Edited by: Slidepot on 22/06/2011 23:22:43 Hey Fred,I'm in pretty much the same boat. I just disco ...2011.06.22 23:20:00
- Don't get your hopes up.. mine passes the shader 3 thing too.. but I just looked here... http://supp ...2011.06.22 23:13:00
- I downloaded the patch fine.. but I can't get to the log in screen to minimize my settings.. I get t ...2011.06.22 00:48:00
- If you remapped to train drones.. then train all the racial drones to 4, and if you think you may f ...2011.06.19 13:27:00
- Implants don't effect remaps. You probably remapped earlier. If remap screen does not say 2 availa ...2011.06.19 13:22:00
- first point comes up all the time.. forget it, though I would be in favor of a Plex to re-spec attri ...2011.06.01 01:59:00
- Either go all in on Int/Memory - Perc/Will skills for a year, or if you are newer do the balanced In ...2011.06.01 01:57:00
- Fair enough if you don't want to do the capital route.. I'll give you these suggestions anybody can ...2011.04.29 01:02:00
- Personally, so far you have a really nice skill set, an expensive skill set to buy... But if I'm goi ...2011.04.27 04:44:00
- If you are going to gatecamp.. You need a song.. I suggest this... Oldie but goodie... ...2011.02.09 03:00:00

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