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- ITT: Stuff we will never see. ...2011.09.05 11:14:00
- well if the rorq can turn unto a min station y cant any other ship maby like a carrier but you could ...2011.07.26 05:14:00
- 8/10.. Would read again. ...2011.07.26 05:09:00
- Combine those boots with this..'mon CCP, I ...2011.07.26 04:18:00
- Does anyone know when the next batch of goodies are coming out for the NeX store? Its been a while a ...2011.07.26 02:28:00
- Came in expecting a **** thread. Did not leave disappointed. ...2011.07.25 06:58:00
- Xenuria will just break your heart after filling it with promises.. You still don't return my calls. ...2011.07.08 01:21:00
- When it comes to improving, do you have to kill the rate or can you just be in fleet with the peop ...2011.07.07 02:34:00
- CCP should do something about all these scammers in their game.Agreed. Ban them I say. ...2011.07.06 05:50:00
- Awww... I was about to put a bid in for 500M isk and then I got called an upstart.... ...2011.01.02 09:11:00
- Very very successful troll thread*golf clap*Pretty much this. Its obviously been long enough for thi ...2011.01.02 01:06:00
- i think its funny when someone refers to 17B as 'a hell of a lot of isk'.. oh now I get it! ...2010.12.30 04:16:00
- Average turn around is about 2 weeks, so 5 days, including xmas and boxing day is a little much to e ...2010.12.30 04:11:00
- Edited by: Lana Torrin on 30/12/2010 02:56:31I ganked someone After gank (in pod obv) I docked at 03 ...2010.12.30 02:55:00
- You dont even need to fire a shot...1. Find an active but small corp. 2. Wardec active but small co ...2010.12.30 02:14:00

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