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- Edited by: DJvGalen on 22/07/2010 23:51:53 I can't speak for the OP but could you give some more in ...2010.07.22 21:03:00
- Hmm, new things; it depends what your focus is at what will be the big things. Planetary interacti ...2010.07.22 20:08:00
- Yea agreed. i think they have their own agenda to meet, and i doubt we can influence it Oh, how tru ...2003.10.16 09:40:00
- ME: Fix extreme lag, about 1 minute to undock, jump a gate, etc...2nd place goes to fix CTD's, clien ...2003.09.20 01:38:00
- Atm, how many of you are enjoying eve like before patch? Well, i'm not enjoying the game at all, and ...2003.09.20 00:54:00
- <-- stuck Bummer dude, I was stuck in Alentene for 3 hours last night, failed a mission and it can ...2003.09.20 00:17:00
- I would login to Chaos if they did more frequent character updates and if there was someone to cord ...2003.09.19 22:27:00
- 4 hybrid mods, but I noticed only a .2% decrease on my 425mm rails, haven't really had much chance t ...2003.09.19 20:41:00
- I agree, this is an exellent idea. We have QA for most our software updates, we supply inhouse most ...2003.09.19 20:13:00
- The chaining is removed and replaced with more challenging pirates, it's explained in the patch note ...2003.09.19 19:58:00
- Edited by: DJvGalen on 19/09/2003 19:33:16 Anger as a result from being stuck on blackscreens and b ...2003.09.19 02:43:00
- Bye Tehel, I never met you ingame but I read alot of your posts and since I'm more of a loner try to ...2003.09.19 02:26:00
- Ooooh, let the fun begin /me starts earning the last 20 million to buy a Megathron so that I can fal ...2003.09.18 19:32:00
- DJVGALEN> GM ****** Is it intentional that Sentinels now drop 10 hobgoblins instead of 1 ?GM ******> ...2003.09.18 15:26:00
- Hmmm, GM tells me Sentinel dropping 10 drones instead of 1 is not added intentionally, so I exploit ...2003.09.18 15:21:00

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