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- *snip* Posting with an unidentified character and characters in NPC or alt corporations in this foru ...2008.09.24 02:13:00
- If you get your rocks off blowing stuff up... GREAT! Me too. However, I find nothing but despair an ...2008.09.06 11:46:00
- People need to start cancelling their subscriptions...That is the only way CCP will do anything abou ...2008.09.02 17:45:00
- Friendly bump for an awsome place ...2008.09.01 22:51:00
- This is the single-most reason why I will not be renewing my subscription to Eve. CCP's total lack o ...2008.08.31 16:08:00
- 1. Do you know what the In Game Browser (IGB) is? -- Yes 2. How often do you use the IGB? -- Not Of ...2008.06.16 03:09:00
- Are they in cahoots? Getting kickbacks perhaps? Nothing is ever done. You would think after the year ...2008.06.15 15:41:00
- pilot transfered ...2008.06.13 06:23:00
- Edited by: Fi Khan on 13/06/2008 16:46:43 Edited by: Fi Khan on 13/06/2008 05:36:52 Edited by: Fi ...2008.06.13 05:22:00
- I will receive the isk. Make any inquires in-game to this pilot. ...2008.06.12 21:03:00
- Buyout offer of 1.5 bil accepted. Will arrange transfer once money has been received on Pigsie accou ...2008.06.12 07:34:00
- API Server is now online. Skills link above is now the correct up-to-date skills list.Happy bidding! ...2008.06.11 12:02:00
- Fixed the link but its a little behind as the API server has been offline since Monday. Will update ...2008.06.11 10:46:00
- Edited by: Fi Khan on 11/06/2008 11:00:34Hi all,Am selling Fi Khan as i now only operate out of low ...2008.06.11 10:33:00
- 1 to this toon pls ...2008.06.02 07:49:00

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