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- Just re-activated my old account after 2yrs away from the game and getting this exact problem repeat ...2010.08.14 13:42:00
- Thanks for the responses guys,If you drop me an EVE-mail with external contact email then I can flic ...2008.10.02 22:42:00
- Still looking guys -- someone out there must want a load of easy iskies...500m+ gets you at least ...2008.10.01 01:02:00
- To the top, OP updated to reflect ...2008.09.29 02:54:00
- Not sure how up-to-date the below is but looks like a useful resource:EVE History ...2008.09.28 01:16:00
- EVE Mail sentchat soon ...2008.09.21 00:31:00
- Buyout: 750 Bill ISKSkills : Character SheetAssuming typo in the buyout mate. Free bump ...2008.09.20 07:04:00
- A specific ALT will hold the shares in a stand-alone account. A full API will therefore be availab ...2008.09.18 23:11:00
- Am currently sending project specifics to two web designers to check feasability etc. Will keep this ...2008.09.17 07:19:00
- Couple of mails received ingame -- will respond ASAP with project specifications. ...2008.09.16 10:53:00
- Still looking for someone. Have bought a book but don't fancy attempting to learn 1,000 pages in the ...2008.09.15 01:18:00
- Edited by: saracen9 on 29/09/2008 02:50:06 Looking to purchase some web-design help in the field of ...2008.09.14 05:33:00
- Itís a great idea and I would like to see you develop it. Kasia did a great job with ESMAR but then ...2008.09.14 00:02:00
- Thanks for the response Ricdic, hopefully Kasia will enlighten me if there is already something simi ...2008.09.13 06:33:00
- Looks good to me. Kasia ran ESMAR and ESMAN which had similar ideas to what this is. If you can get ...2008.09.13 06:07:00

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