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- Two questions need to be asked:What action, if any, has been taken against the GMs who did not corre ...2009.02.11 00:03:00
- Edited by: Valeria Crossroads on 10/02/2009 20:40:19. . . where were you when BoB was disbanded?this ...2009.02.10 23:01:00
- yepthe new EVEmon and EVE hq will need to show you wich 2 stats to put the 15:9 into to best maximis ...2009.02.10 20:08:00
- Fascinating read, but I may have to read it twice to understand it all.Question....don't you guys ha ...2009.02.10 19:50:00
- "Users directly involved in the exploit were permanently banned. Direct involvement meant that the c ...2009.02.10 19:48:00
- Edited by: Raymon James on 10/02/2009 19:52:46 Edited by: Cadde on 10/02/2009 17:52:00 Page 1 on a ...2009.02.10 19:45:00
- My concern is the last paragraph stating tha tyou will now actively check for market anomolies.Dropp ...2009.02.10 19:20:00
- Wowzers.I can think of three companies whos developers would have been fired on the spot for sudgest ...2009.02.10 19:12:00
- Race& blood line does not matter any more *sings* "We Are the World!!!! We Are the Children!!!" . ...2009.02.10 17:02:00
- the current economic mess is due in large part to a bubble economy that overinflated and burst over ...2009.02.10 03:36:00
- so did character creation change that much?you should be able to keep that :(Character creation chan ...2009.02.10 03:18:00
- At this time of year? You don't want to know... We can top that here in the US with one word.Lutefi ...2009.02.10 01:43:00
- Rejoice. Your badass, sunglass wearing, Brutor research alts are no longer gimped.What? they have s ...2009.02.09 23:04:00
- so bascialy whats will be the ideal set up will become 15 primary and 5 secondary with +3 implants b ...2009.02.09 20:20:00
- No, it is not. It is possible to create a 5 5 5 5 15 though. New characters are not going to be li ...2009.02.09 20:10:00

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