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- Okay, incursion 1.0 is out and doing well. The new interface system is awesome. I never thought stat ...2011.06.22 19:23:00
- Thanks CCP for the tech-****. I'm in a Game Development degree and this stuff gets me all jittery an ...2011.06.21 04:58:00
- Sometimes it's not about the pew-pew. Sometimes it's about the jabber. Star Frontiers has both, so ...2011.05.22 09:10:00
- Man, I missed some fun stuff, but I was Peggling pretty hard. I completed 3 challenges while things ...2011.01.31 02:01:00
- A turret volume slider as well and I am all for it! Nothing quite like relaxing late night chatting ...2010.12.04 17:41:00
- You think you are having an issue now, just wait until the hotkeys get rolled out and you forget to ...2010.12.02 14:57:00
- The medical clone interface is at this point functional but lacking from a usability perspective. Fr ...2010.11.30 05:35:00
- If we are going to discuss impossibilities I propose we roll back to Red Moon Rising, since I kinda ...2010.11.22 12:52:00
- So, it has been a while since I have really read the ingame news articles. This is mainly because my ...2010.11.12 15:52:00
- To be totally honest, I always wondered why something so innocuous, and yet so critical, is so tiny. ...2010.11.11 13:16:00
- Without reading anything at all that was posted above me, I am in favor of removing insurance reimb ...2010.09.15 03:07:00
- I am in support of this, because I honestly think it will help the UI,and the UI could use all the h ...2010.09.15 03:00:00
- Sometimes I dream of being in a large, exciting corporation that wants to help teach me how to be th ...2010.09.12 18:49:00
- Just wanted to throw this out there. Something you can can look forward to in the great SF Fleets:"W ...2010.08.13 05:50:00
- Why not simply make a ship class that can carry assembled ships but has no jump drive? Make it slig ...2010.06.09 20:37:00

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