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- Whatever happened to it? I REALLY don't like it being full screen before the character selection scr ...2010.03.02 22:25:00
- I and everyone I've ever asked agrees the old animation was better ...2010.02.17 19:40:00
- Yeah I would settle for that, but I think a filtering option is best because I shouldn't need to kee ...2010.02.17 15:29:00
- That would only solve the problem of legitimate contracts being spammed, over half of the contracts ...2010.02.17 00:48:00
- Yeah I intended for that to be the case, I guess my original post wasn't very clear about it though. ...2010.02.16 12:30:00
- Eve has a great chat interface but one of the things that annoys me regularly is the constant spam o ...2010.02.16 03:31:00
- if this gets implemented please bundle it with the option to disable blink on it (as mentioned above ...2010.02.16 03:15:00
- When I got my first cruiser (vexor) it took me almost a week of mining in my frigate and the first t ...2010.01.29 21:19:00
- I to am interested in this, anybody know? ...2010.01.29 02:49:00
- The iHUB reinforcement timer in p-2 comes out less than a half an hour from the end of this test, as ...2010.01.26 19:57:00
- great news now roll back dominion so we can play againbecause every person who had a character befor ...2010.01.24 23:40:00
- i think mutual 24hr wardecs by all major nullsec alliances and go fight in jita might wake someone u ...2010.01.24 23:33:00
- So I recently started an alt, I setup my API info through evemon on the first or second day, and aft ...2010.01.20 06:22:00
- The utility of having scram, disruptor and cap booster is what makes this setup but dual prop / mse ...2010.01.14 12:50:00
- I just installed evehq yesterday and I am fairly positive I only entered a limited API. This may not ...2010.01.14 12:20:00

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