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- I'm going to have to say I think jump bridge nerfs, cyno spool up and moongoo redistribution sound l ...2011.04.12 00:12:00
- yep, just the 10/10 atm. You can still make bank from the unrated combat sites and escalations. ...2011.04.04 02:25:00
- What is broken is that I'm just gonna go back and say hi to my old Lvl4 agent and I'll be making jus ...2011.03.29 23:54:00
- At first I was against these changes but now I can see just by all the arguing, crying and sodomy i ...2011.03.29 23:12:00
- I doubt they botting mission in stain since Sansha lp ain't worth much. Anyway, smart botter is us ...2011.01.29 22:24:00
- 80m ...2010.12.19 13:15:00
- don't dicuss these bug on the forum but petition and GM will say the computer says no so what you su ...2010.09.14 23:00:00
- Just get your alt in a second CNR or NM or Mach. Fit it the same so he can also hold some aggro. D ...2010.09.14 03:52:00
- They should remove all high sec sites except those static 1/10 crap for noobs to do. ...2010.09.13 14:35:00
- Akita T is the Czech Lion of EO S&I Forums. ...2010.09.13 06:26:00
- Low sec/0.0 missioning in a T3 is very nice but you got to know how to survive in that space. ...2010.09.09 17:26:00
- I can see why it is banned though, everyone have their own idea of helpful links from isk guide to ...2010.09.09 16:46:00
- sigh...just depressing get positive CCP dev response while we all know it will take 18 months for th ...2010.09.09 16:33:00
- I just did that within the last month or so. Keep forget move those ship to Jita fo ...2010.09.09 15:59:00
- ohh jezz guys, learn to fly other ships..Why doesnt any dramiel engage me in my t1 frigs? coz they k ...2010.09.09 13:31:00

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