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- WTF.Seriously, all i get is a "our logs don't show anything b#llS#!T" and you get a courtesy call fr ...2010.08.11 18:56:00
- Edited by: Zso Sahal on 09/08/2010 21:45:53 Yeah... Deus Ex. It was a toss up btwn that and SW:TOR. ...2010.08.09 21:40:00
- Generally, 1-3 days.Getting a favorable answer: sometime between H3ll freezing over, and JC returnin ...2010.08.08 16:46:00
- @CCP: you seem to be doing damage control piecemeal contacting various online magazines, and posting ...2010.08.02 22:22:00
- CCP: I would PAY for this expansion. Like real money. Get on it ...2010.07.31 21:49:00
- they called CONCORD on me... ...2010.07.29 23:12:00
- /me waves spoonsAre you a spooonbat?Fixed that for you :Dthanks! i'm not sure whats worse... mooon ...2010.07.29 21:47:00
- /me waves spoonsAre you a mooonbat? ...2010.07.29 21:11:00
- Considering the lack of high sec representation on the CSM, we do need a carebear in there. ...2010.07.29 19:57:00
- does this mean i no haz access to those threads:( ...2010.07.29 19:42:00
- Where the h#ll are your threads that i see in the Dev Finder, but get a locked thread message when i ...2010.07.29 18:36:00
- Good. Seems suitable, being a PvP game and allů WRONG. Its a sandbox game, w/ pvp being an aspect of ...2010.07.26 03:21:00
- Exploring. Despite being 1/2 finished, the complexes and expeditions are downright addicting. I'm tr ...2010.07.21 03:18:00
- with the generally high level of intelligence required to play this game::spitcoffee::OMG. i want yo ...2010.07.21 03:08:00
- CCP,What will it take for you to cut the Incarna team in half, and reassign those 35 people to CSM i ...2010.07.18 06:29:00

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