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- I look at it this way: First of all I totally agree with Randel 110%Secondly : They do more and mo ...2011.03.21 15:01:00
- vote secured from me aswell.make sure U dont agree to too much stuff we dont like;-)o/ blue ...2011.03.07 16:11:00
- A while a go I got a Thon spawn and it dropped some good items that I am looking to sell. 1 Thons ...2010.12.17 08:12:00
- My vote is on give him his eve back ;-) ...2010.12.15 14:49:00
- what do U mean 1 extra remap? ...2010.12.15 14:43:00
- lol instead of eveholic ure turning into an Alcoholic.. Stick with even and ull live longer ...2010.12.15 14:41:00
- Hey guys Like many others Im excited to c what the " gift" will turn out to be..U guys from CCP can ...2010.12.15 14:36:00

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