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- I second, that this was one of the most useless posts, and I second, that this also has some of the ...2010.05.08 23:29:00
- ----"middle-aged"----hmmm, now I had to think about that one. The middle-age years might mean diffe ...2010.05.02 13:06:00
- Maxx- really, I would like the wife to play, but it's just not her. It would be cool. Way to go du ...2010.05.01 23:36:00
- Edited by: Mac Auslan on 01/05/2010 19:52:44 How can I just play EVE simply for the L4's. Well, I ...2010.05.01 19:52:00
- I was going to start a new thread until I saw this one. Perfect timing.In EVE, there has also been ...2010.05.01 17:48:00
- I would like to see many new missions. Doing the same missions over and over gets . . . boring. E ...2010.04.29 15:32:00
- Yes, EVE is not RL.In RL, we have insurance.CCP admits that suicide ganking is a criminal act in hig ...2010.04.27 00:24:00

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